What is a SLAM

A SLAM refers to where a hunter must harvest each species or subspecies of the animals in a designated SLAM. Hickory Knol Ranch And MC Outdoor Adventures can help complete any SLAM you wish to accomplish. You can also create you own Bucket List Slam and we can help achieve that.

The TEXAS RAM Slam and Fallow Slam can all be accomplished totally at our HKR facility.

TEXAS RAM Slam –  one each Texas Dall Ram, Black Hawaiian Ram, Corsian Ram, and Mouflon Ram. This can also be done where each RAM is a Trophy Classram2-15

Fallow Slam – one each White Fallow, Spotted Fallow and Chocolate Fallow.


Several other Slams can be partially done at HKR facilities and completed with the support of MC Outdoor Adventures

The whitetail slam is a challenge to recognize the accomplishment of harvesting a buck in each of the 8 major whitetail subspecies across North America. Register any 4 bucks and earn a Whitetail SLAM and Register all 8 bucks for the Ultimate Whitetail SLAM.  The 8 are Seminol , Dakota,  South-Central Plains, North Western, Northern Woodland, Southeastern, Gulf Coast and Desert Coues


There are many Slams involved in hunting . Many of which are done outside HKR abilities at our location, but MC Outdoor Adventures with over 30 years experience and contacts can help you achieve any SLAM you wish globally.